About The Root Cellar

Welcome to The Root Cellar Lodge Resort

The Root Cellar Resort changed ownership in May of 2021. The resort was purchased by a couple locals. You may have heard of them if you have been to the area a time or two. Casey Yesney and Makenzie Long are two of your hosts, you may know them as the owners of Lake Gogebic Motel in Bergland. Casey also owns Lake Gogebic Sled and SxS rentals, and Lake Gogebic Towing. Casey and Makenzie can help you out with whatever you may need; place to stay, a tow out of the ditch, or a machine to enjoy the great north woods, they got you covered.

Jessie Yesney is another one of your hosts here at the Resort. You may know Jessie from Antonio’s restaurant in Bergland. When Jessie isn’t at Antonio’s Restaurant or Root Cellar Restaurant & Bar you can probably find him in his skid steer. Besides the Restaurants Jessie also has a local excavating business, need some land work done he’s your man for the Lake Gogebic Area. Jessie and Casey grew up in Bergland, they know the area and Lake Gogebic well.

They both are very glad to be entrepreneurs in their home town. Pete Bultsma is also your host, he is a dear friend of Casey, Jessie, and Makenzie and they are excited to have him in this adventure with them. Pete is a local farmer in the area. He is the proud owner of Pine Rock Ranch & Glacier Cattle Ranch. Over at Pine Rock Ranch he cares for Buffalo, Elk, and White Tail Deer; we hope to one day soon be able to offer guided tours through the property.

When Pete isn’t taking care of them you will find him making hay and taking care of his heard of cattle over at the Glacier Ranch. We hope to very soon be able to offer Glacier Cattle Ranch beef and Pine Rock Ranch buffalo & elk meat at Root Cellar Restaurant.

All of your hosts here at The Root Cellar Resort are very excited you meet and welcome you!!!


Experience Lake Gogebic

The Root Cellar Resort is a great place for anyone wanting a peaceful vacation in the great Northwoods of the Upper Peninsula. We are located on the South East end of Lake Gogebic on East Shore Rd.

We have a full bar and restaurant, 13 rooms at the Inn, and 4 cabins. We are 45 mins from the famous Porcine Pine Mountains and Lake of the Clouds. The Resort is 13 miles just south east of Bergland which is the main snowmobile trail hub.

You can leave right from your room or cabin on your snowmobile and head north or south on the trail. During the other months of the year, you have direct access from the resort to the ORV trails.

We are one of the only places in the Lake Gogebic area that you can legally ride to and from with your Atv/SxS.

Lake Gogebic is well known for is perch fishing, great lake for fishing all year round. There are many different waterfalls to view in the surrounding area and other things to sight see all with in a 45 min drive or less.

So much to see and enjoy in the Lake Gogebic area while vacationing in the beautiful Upper Peninsula.


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